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About NoticeSound

NoticeSound believes to have the power to provide you content insights to innovate with your business in the media world. Starting to build technology and data models in 2012, our technology of today includes sophisticated machine learning data models, data providing and analyses possibilities, apps, and upload-portals. It even allows us to make predictions about content so you can make the best decisions for different target audiences.

Our technology and data models can be adjusted to fit the exact needs for each media company. The solutions can be used to make strategic decisions about content. We usually visualise the data in a user-friendly way in custom dashboards that can be used in daily operations.

Content Data Insights.

Our team

Meet our team of magicians, ready to support you.

Willem Bloem
Derk-Jan Karrenbeld
Partner & Head of Development
Pim Schlösser
Braian Ruiz
Specialized in rendering audio features
Gideon van Diggelen
Data Analyst
Brand Hop
Senior Data Analyst
Beach Clark
Senior Data Scientist
Ceren Simsek
Market Researcher
Marthe Borst
Operations & Finance
Derek Schrauwen
Data Entry Administrator

Advisory Board

As Advisory board Sander Nagtegaal and Dorien Herremans provide NoticeSound with objective and professional advise on decision making and activities within the company.

Sander Nagtegaal
CEO Unless
Dorien Herremans
Professor at Singapore University of Technology and Design


Rob Jeurissen and Gerhardt Vels, representing our shareholders who helped making our business possible from day one.

Gerhardt Vels
Board Counsel Mollie
Rob Jeurissen
Managing Director at CTB Investments B.V.